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A drawn-out battle in court or complicated transaction can involve multiple traps for the unwary. From innocently overlooking the implications of an unclear contract, to inadvertently failing to preserve an issue for appeal, minor mistakes can have major consequences. It is time to contact a lawyer that knows the pitfalls, understands the deeper issues, and can safely guide you through the perils to your objective.

Appellate, trial-level litigation, and transactional services throughout the state of Florida, including Fort Myers, Naples, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, west palm beach, Orlando, and Tampa.

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Trial-level litigation and support

Trial-Level Litigation And Support

Business transactions

Business Transactions

Jason A. Martorella

A Bright, Fresh Perspective

JAM LAW PLLC is a firm focused on appellate law, trial-level litigation support, and business transactions. The firm’s founding attorney, Jason A. Martorella, draws from his background in trade and extensive experience litigating business disputes to develop and implement strategies that work.  Throughout this process, Jason works closely with his clients to keep them informed and involved, recognizing that the client’s insight and input is often the key to a successful outcome. Thorny legal issues require creative solutions, and Jason uses an array of resources to chart innovative, sensible paths to his clients’ goals.

Jason A. Martorella

Details Matter

Jason’s approach involves more than a superficial application of law to facts. Jason digs to the heart of the matter, tirelessly scrutinizing the record, analyzing the purpose of the applicable law, and framing the issues to tell a story that is both compelling and grounded in sound policy.

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Real Case Results

Represented liquidating trustee in $2.75 million settlement of action against former officers and directors of public company that owned artifacts recovered from shipwreck of RMS Titanic.
Tried case involving unfair competition by software development company to $19.5 million favorable verdict.
Represented members in $1 million partnership dispute resulting in favorable verdict after bench trial.
Represented homeowner in appeal affirming order against municipality compelling performance of legal duty.
Represented successor of businessperson in appeal affirming favorable $1.8 million judgment against former partner.
Represented investors in $5.5 million federal securities fraud case involving violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Represented real estate brokerage and investor in $18.4 million dispute arising from joint venture to assemble and develop extensive swath of commercial real property.
Secured dismissal and appellate order affirming dismissal of action against art advisor seeking damages for various purported breaches in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.