Efficient, Effective Strategies

Standing Up For Legal Arguments And Standing Out In Trial-Level Litigation

Whether you are a civil litigation plaintiff, defendant or attorney, you will find ample support for any future or ongoing trial at JAM LAW. Attorney Jason Martorella has shown time and again his talent for deriving and highlighting the crux of a legal issue to undergird any side of a conflict. As a litigator, appellate attorney, and guide for litigants and their counsel, he has helped bring about noteworthy case outcomes time and again.

Attorney Martorella’s secrets of success are not mysterious but difficult to duplicate. His proficiency in trial litigation substance and processes stands out and brings about results that litigants seek. He attracts and welcomes inquiries from other lawyers and litigants facing high-stakes civil cases in state and federal courts.

Substance And Strategies For The Win In Legal Representation

A litigant and their lawyer must believe in their case. They must also document arguments founded on facts and the law. Attorney Martorella’s legal education, experience, and aptitude all come into play when he is preparing to take a lawsuit before a judge and jury or to help prepare others who are heading to court. He understands the importance of the bottom line for business clients as well as private individuals in cases involving:

  • Contract disputes
  • Family law or probate litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Bankruptcy defense

The list above is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather, illustrative of the variety of subject matter contained within clients’ conflicts heading for trials. Lawyers wishing to free themselves to nurture relationships with their clients can turn to attorney Martorella for the development of effective arguments. His capacity to flesh out litigation through deep dives into the law brings verifiable value to his own clients’ cases as well as those of other attorneys. He prepares detailed legal and fact-based justifications of claims for presentations to juries, legal briefs, and oral arguments in appeals.

Learn How The Pursuit Of Excellence Can Contain Costs, Too

Excellence in trial preparation does not have to equate to higher costs. Well-founded arguments take less time to argue before a jury or a panel of judges in an appellate court. This is one major reason why front-end research often pays off.

Discuss with attorney Martorella the issues in your case or your client’s litigation that need fleshing out with robust legal arguments. Call 239-744-3440 for the FOrt Meyers office or 786-798-6617 for the Miami office. You can also send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.